Friday, October 01, 2004

When, oh Lord, when?

With quick breath, I am awaiting this site to open up: Welcome to Bret Easton Ellis Online. I can't even remember how long I've been checking in on this site (two years, maybe three, maybe since 1989; it's all a blur), only to have my hopes dashed by inactivity. And then, they tease me with the "opening July/August 2004" line. Aaaargh. When one has no life, one lives through the eyes of Clay, Sean, Paul, and Lauren.

I am going to have to depend on Google and this guy for all my Ellis information. And, so far, Notanexit is a great place to check out. I am impressed with the layout, consistency of new information, the fact a "mole" sends him emails about Ellis' new book (possibly/probably entitled Lunar Park), and the newly installed discussion board. It's always nice to find people with a similar interest.

"The better you look, the more you'll see."--Victor Ward.

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