Monday, October 18, 2004

What I'm (slowly) reading update.

I used to cruise through books. I loved to read as a kid, losing myself in some cool adventure from a wide range of genres: The Hobbit, The Hardy Boys, etc. I mean I still do, but never seem to find the time or concentration. Plus, I've noticed over the past few years, I don't retain my reading too well. In through the eyes and out my ass, apparently. No sticking around. I often wonder if this is due to my increasing hermit-ization. And the fact that it is near impossible to finish any sort of conversation in retail. You have to speak in 45 second blurts before the next customer pops up. After work, you suggest? I don't really hang with friends very well, much less co-workers. In any event, I think those two factors and depression and anxiety have eaten away at my retention ability. Or maybe I'm full of crap.

Anyway, even if it's one of my magazines (The New Yorker, New York, Details, or Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine), it takes me along time to read a book. But here is the latest one:Shopping in Space: Essays on America's Blank Generation Fiction by Elizabeth Young and Graham Caveney. I'm about three chapters in, and that's taken me about a month, no lie.

So far, it's a fun and informative in-depth look at Bret Easton Ellis' Less Than Zero. Check it out if you like 80's "brat pack" writers. I'd go into it more, but I'm sleepy and wouldn't do the book the justice it deserves.

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