Saturday, October 16, 2004

Random, spontaneous numbered list of things I like (random, incomplete)

  1. Alone time.
  2. Sex Pistols.
  3. Wearing sweaters.
  4. Sleeping late in a cool room under warm sheets.
  5. Staring into the fire.
  6. A pint of Guinness.
  7. The third kiss.
  8. Compact cars.
  9. My Chuck Taylors.
  10. Lilly (when she's not screaming at me).
  11. My parents (still married, yay! A rarity today)
  12. Gilmore Girls.
  13. Felicity.
  14. Friends (and Friends).
  15. Pearl Jam.
  16. Soundgarden.
  17. Sinead O'Connor.
  18. Ani DiFranco.
  19. The Dead Kennedys.
  20. The White Stripes.
  21. The Walkmen.
  22. The Rapture.
  23. Monster Magnet.
  24. A clean windshield.
  25. French Vanilla yogurt and ice cream.
  26. Mountain Dew and Coke.
  27. Little Debbie's Oatmeal Cream Pies.
  28. Big screen TVs.
  29. Orange and Tomato juice (separately).
  30. FEAR.
  31. Bret Easton Ellis novels.
  32. Donna Tartt novels.
  33. New York City.
  34. Days off.
  35. Pay Days.
  36. Coffee all ready in the morning (God bless the timer).
  37. No traffic.
  38. Making someone else and yourself laugh at the same time.
  39. Laughing so hard nothing comes out.
  40. Saying "awesome" in the most ironic way.
  41. When my plants don't die.
  42. Lilly's Ray Charles impersonation with a string in her mouth.
  43. Flirting and being flirted with.
  44. Wearing wool socks on a cold night, on the couch, reading.
  45. Beck's.
  46. Paying the bills early.
  47. Microwave popcorn.
  48. Coupling.
  49. Coping.
  50. Cuddling.
  51. Chilling.
  52. Playstation2 football games.
  53. Observation deck of the Empire State Building.
  54. The Spring Lounge.
  55. The New Yorker.
  56. Andy Warhol's Interview Magazine.
  57. Latina Porn.
  58. Scarves.
  59. Cheap frozen pizza.
  60. Looooooong warm showers (solo or with a partner!).
  61. A good sexy cologne.
  62. The natural good looks of a woman.
  63. The ol' WWW.
  64. People watching.
  65. Ohio University/Athens, Ohio.
  66. Making a sale over $500.
  67. Bright, sunny days around 77 degrees with just a hint of a breeze.
  68. Tina Fey
  69. Seeing a great band live and losing myself in the moment.
  70. reconnecting with my former self (if only but for a minute).
  71. A tasty ham or roast beef sandwich.
  72. Browsing for hours in a book or record store.

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