Saturday, October 02, 2004

Nothing on TV but MTV2

Why am I still awake? I'm not doing anything productive, watching anything cool, reading something, or playing with the cat. I'm just zoning out at my computer desk staring across the room at the TV.

Oh, wow, that My Chemical Romance song "I'm not okay (I promise)" was pretty freaking intense, whoa!

Alright, I'm going to bed. I want to get up early to drink some coffee, do the dishes and otherwise be normal for a bit before I head over to M.C.'s place for some Playstation2 and Xbox action. Das right, punk, I'm in my thirties and still playing the video games. I like the Splinter Cell. And the NCAA Football and the Madden Football Never said I play well, but me like-y dem.

I think M.C. and D.H. like to play some SSX Snowboarding game, which not only do I suck at, but I get a little bored playing after like twenty minutes. Bonus points for tricky-styley this and thats with the wacky psychedelic colors in the background and all, sorry--yawn.

Okay, off to bed, some lame Rap song just came on MTV2. Signing off, yo! Keepitreal, yo! (hoo-boy, I am whiter than Elmer's Glue).

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