Tuesday, October 26, 2004

The next step to recovery

(Sometimes I wish I had a definite number of steps, like 12 or something).

Tomorrow morning I meet a shrink to discuss what (if any) medications my benefit me. I kind of look forward to this. Maybe a little pill will eventually snap me out of this unending sadness and hopelessness. I think the "upswing" I've been on is starting to falter. I keep (again) having these bleak thoughts, I seriously can't see an end to this confusion, depression, and current bad situation. Everything spins and circles around each other and I can't seem to focus enough to fix one.

I wonder should I tell the Dr. I think my primary counselor is attractive? Is this really going to be a problem?

Then off to work for the night shift. Got to remember to tape Gilmore Girls!

Ugg, off to bed.

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