Wednesday, October 13, 2004

A brief list of the mornings Ups and Downs

This emotional roller coaster took place roughly between the hours of 9:00 and 10:30 a.m. Buckle up for safety!
  1. 9:00. Wake up, look to alarm, realize I have twenty minutes to get ready for work. Panic=down.
  2. Lilly is really loud and REALLY wants attention this morning. "Got no time, baby."=down.
  3. As I sit to make the turn onto Lincoln Ave. from Foster, I see a CTA bus driver waiting at the stop across the street. Dancing. Dancing well. Like to Scat/jazz or something on his Ipod. And snapping his fingers. Smile=up.
  4. Remember dream last night which starred my last two girl friends. The overwhelming feeling recalled is regret and yearning. Dreams that leave crummy feeling residue=bad. Dreams with ex-girlfriends that keep all their clothes on= double down.
  5. Hit stretch of Lincoln Ave. that is lined with trees. Notice leaves are changing. Pretty colors=up.
  6. Remember that fall is my favorite season (and spring). Love the crisp smell, cool temps (sweaters!). Fall=up.
  7. Changing of seasons always brings nostalgic feelings and memories of school. Missing school (still? wtf?!?)= down.
  8. Get to work two minutes early= up.
  9. Both the Store Manager and Assistant Store Manager are at corporate meetings= Double Ups!
  10. J.S.'s hair is down with snug pants= up.
  11. Find out J.S. has a boyfriend= down.
  12. But they broke up last week= hmmm. up and down.
  13. I have to work in the slowest department= even.
  14. First customer of the day's breath smells like rotting salami= down.

Okay, the ride is over, please exit the car on your right. Make sure all your belongings are on you.

[Ed note-if this had been an actual amusement park ride, your money would have been refunded. Sorry.]


Ashiq said...

hey thanks for that... it reminds me of my all up days in chicago when i used to live in little italy, some of the roads u mentioned makes me miss it even more = down..
but just thinking about the great fun i had living in my fav city in the world makes me happy = definetly +++UP.
so thanks anyway..

Karachi is so not like chicago... ,

Mac said...

Hey, ashiq, Thanks for stopping by. I hope things look up for you over there.