Tuesday, January 31, 2006

In the work(s)

Well, that phone finally rang on Monday afternoon.

I got the job!

Now I just need to put in my semi-two weeks notice at work (I am going to attempt the dreaded Two Jobs At Once gig: Hello No-Doz!) and figure out just what in the Hell a Purchasing Agent/Clerk does for a living... and not get fired.

Starting February 13th, I'll be freaking out from 8:30 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. Monday through Friday, much to Adrian's disapproval (his comment). I didn't post a reply to his "rant" (hee hee) because I didn't necessarily disagree with it. Partly put off by his bluster (tuff luv?), but partly put off by myself, by my fears and laziness when it comes to writing. Obviously, (mostly to myself) writing is what I want to do, what I enjoy, what I am "meant" for in life, yet I keep putting it off for another day. Why? Ah, well, that is probably another post of extreme length for another day...fuck! I did it again!

Anyway, wish me luck on my upcoming new job, please. I'm back to wearing a tie and having to remove my earrings; stupid conservative banking bastard standards.

Also, in the works, so to speak. I am slowly trying to become a "Guest Curator." After Complex Carrie invited me to an art show opening/benefit at The John Galt Gallery (thanks to Cybele for the link), I've become slightly obsessed with this idea which struck me that night. I want to gather some of my cool, creative chums for a show. Cybele sent me a bursting-at-the-seams email with some clues of how to do such a thing. I feel a tiny bit closer to figuring it out; so, hopefully someday you'll read a post asking you to Come to my show.

Yeah, that'd be cool, Beavis.

And, on an even slower note (my fault), I am thinking thinking thinking of trying a spoken word thing with M. On CD, not on a stage, thank you. If any past posts on My Cube or on my other blog catch/caught your ear or eye, let me know. I'm curious if anything here is good enough (with proper editing) for production.

Just an idea.

Off to Dreamland: sleep tight!


Fresh Talent said...

Mac, you kick ass. Congratulations! The Doctor and I can now uncross our fingers. Ow-ee.

Adrian said...

Well done dude: ) I start a new job on the 13th too - must be your Friday 13th luck rubbing off but transplanted to a Monday... or something.

Barb said...

Congratulations, Mac--that's great news!!

motodd said...

Grats dude. Holy shit weekends off!

'Complex' Carrie said...

Mac, Congratulations! Break a leg, good luck, do a good job,... and all that! I'm glad to see you busy creatively and bringing in dough. carrie sez Balance and Purpose produces fulfillment. Let me know what I can do to help with any of it. Have a great day!

Mac said...

A late reply, but:
Thanks to you all. It means alot, chums.

Motodd: Sadly, as a poverty stricken dude, I'll continue doing time at current job on Sundays and a couple nights/week.
Not ready to cut the apron strings completely.

Adrian: Congatulations back to you on your new job! All hail the luck of the 13th (3 days removed).

Fresh and Doctor: Appreciate the fingers. Hope I didn't give you arthritis ;-)

I'll try to keep you all updated.

Mac said...

Thanks all!
I'll keep you updated.

Anonymous said...

congrats from me. I feel ashamed that I haven't checked the blog in awhile (switched computers and lost all of my "favorites" so I didn't have the visual reminder there) and so I've been missing out so excuse the late comment to this early post. I'm still up for the gallery thing, so let me know if you need me to look into anything or if you need info or whatever. Maybe we could try to ease into it by using a cafe or a bar somewhere that doesn't currently have art on the walls but could be persuaded to do so ("liven up the joint, possibly bring in customers").
Let's start with the HO (kidding). Any ideas?


Mac said...

Art. At The Ho. That would be stomach-clutchingly hilarious! Ah, the Absurd Idea!

I'll look into it.