Wednesday, January 18, 2006

I have seen Fear

Twice, as a matter of fact.
Once at The Metro, and once at The Subterranean.
Great shows.

As you probably have figured out from my previous posts (like this one), I am a big fan of the 80's punk band, FEAR, especially 'The Record." My love for this satirical, loud-mouth, beer-swilling band began sometime during my Sophomore (?) year at college, when my in-a-band Professor Greg showed us the movie The Decline of Western Civilization: Part 1, The Punk Years ($600 bucks, WTF?!?) as an example of Nihilism in my Philosophy Ethics 101 class. It grabbed me by the collar and never let go.

I haven't, however, ever had the chance to see their performance on the first Saturday Night Live show, hosted by George Carlin.... Until NOW!

I stumbled onto this Mookie guy's blog, and he had a link to a recording of it (opens in Windows Media Player) in this post. So thankful to Mookie.

Enjoy, and please pass the Beef Bologna!


tescosuicide said...

Right on -You're a lucky dude.

Mac said...

Fingers crossed Lee Ving rolls his Army through Chicago again some time.