Saturday, January 21, 2006


I am off to my coworker, Greek Tragedy's, apartment for a party.

Well, after I finish this wee-Vodka and cigarette.

C.P. and Sully are going to be attending; so I have a sneaky suspicion I may end up here (for my fourth time) since it's only like a block away.

"Water, water everywhere and not a drop to drink."

Okay, gotta go: a cold beer awaits me.


sully said...

StarGaze sucks!! Unattractive women and lots of attitude when trying to get a beer- no thanks. We'll be happy to peel you off your bar stool at the Ho when we head out to T's. Up for it?

Mac said...

Aww, the Stare has fallen in your eyes. ;-)

Sounds like you've had some bad experiences at Star Gaze lately.

Sure, I'll check out T's depending on the night. Thursdays are L days, right?