Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Speaking of Fear

of a different, less entertaining sort than previously mentioned, I have a job interview tomorrow morning. Yikes.

As I briefly mentioned earlier (because I wasn't sure it would be confirmed so quickly) my as-of-this-past-Saturday ex-coworker L.S. called me about a job opening in her full-time job. Turned out she recommended me and her "scatter-brained, blunt-speaking" boss said bring him in, and a date and time crystallized.

That is why I am nervously sitting here typing away instead of drinking and laughing at The Empty Bottle watching my friends band Zelienople play tonight *sigh.* Which what you should be doing right now instead of reading this whiney drivel!

Anyway, I am nervous. It's been nearly four years since I last got off my ass and out of my depression enough to interview, except for that Photography gig that didn't pan out. It's not for a exciting job (mail room), but it's got Health Benefits, regular hours, and the commute is about fifteen minutes from my apartment. The perks alone may outweigh any shitty pay or mind numbing work involved, right? Hell, L.S. says she smokes at her desk in her office; so, no outdoor smoke breaks in the winter!

Okay, I must check over my Resume and References and such.

Wish me luck.


Carrie said...

You can do it! You are a steady worker who people can get along with and you follow direction well. Seriously you are a perfect candidate, they don't want a gogetter with the mail room, they don't want to have to train another mailroom clerk when you leave for better things. Well the truth is after you get the hang of it you can be composing articles in your head when we find you freelance work, when you get enough of it, in a few years, you can move on to bigger and better things and they'll have to train another mailroom clerk... but they suppose as much. :)

Adrian said...

What? You're kidding? A mail room? Go to the interview, tell the boss what you think of him right to his face and spend the next month of being sacked writing articles and scripts and sending them to every agent and publicist in whatever state or city you live in. Take control of your future because nobody will do it for you. You're bigger than all those little people out there so don't take the bait. Health benefits? Having a job you love is far more benficial for your health.