Friday, January 13, 2006

A Black Friday the 13th

"It's Friday the 13th," I thought as I wheezed groaned moaned staggered out of bed this morning; and I brightened up.

See, usually Friday the 13ths are good and fun days for me. I don't know why. Maybe my screwed up mind reverses things in my little universe. My Galactic River runs against the Mainstream? Past history has taught me that this Bad Luck Day usually turns out to be a good time: great keg parties, meet a pretty girl, cool customers all day, score some good mushrooms, laugh a lot with close friends, whatever/what-have-you. You get the drift.

Work started out okay. I actually not only made it to work on time, but ten minutes early. One of my favorite coworkers, S.R. was my scheduled countermate. And The Counselor M.E. was closing with me tonight with two cool closing managers, The Croatian Gyration Sensation and Amazing Grace. That combined with the usual loopy, drunken, North Shore odd-balls that shop on Friday nights looked to make for an interesting if not fun night.

And then S.R. got fired for strange and bullshit reasons at 5:00 p.m. Didn't act happy to be there, was to be demoted anyway, some "ultimatum" he supposedly gave the manager concerning Inventory Weekend coming up, and God-knows what else.

Shady, my friend, and stupid reasons to get rid of one of the better workers on your horribly understaffed workforce.

Total Bullshit: Fuck those Screwheads!

So tonight: I pour a few out for my main hommie. Vodka on the rocks and a moment in silence for a great guy.

For you, S.R.

Good luck.

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