Saturday, February 04, 2006

I live in filth, so it's no surprise I like "Grime."

As those of you who have been blessed (?) with entry into My Cube's apartment know, my place would never win any awards for Sterile or Cleanest Apartment. My abode is somewhere in between Crack House Beautiful and Male Dorm Room and Gardens; I mean, there aren't things growing in the carpet, but there is a healthy level of dust and clutter around to make the place look lived-in.

So, it comes as no great surprise that it turns out I like Grime. Thanks to Stereogum, I am getting a good dose of this music that I'd heard of, but never really heard en mass before now. Here's the link to the stream to which I am referring (second link down).

If I start two-stepping around the living room, I'll just pretend the puffs of grey are dry-ice fogs on the dancefloor, eh mate?

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