Saturday, February 18, 2006

Practicing Purchasing Power

Soon after gaining employment at The Bank, I went on a bit of a spending spree. With the combined financial one-two punch of Christmas gift certificates and plastic credit cards, I picked up some material goods, both whimsical and practical. Marshall's, Amazon, The Gap, Best Buy, and OfficeMax benefited from this Filling the Void and (greatly needed) Wardrobe Update.

Even with the various Gift Certificates, let's just say I cannot wait for my first pay check.


C.P. said...

Thank God you went shopping! Jesus!!

Fresh Talent said...

Saw 'under blackpool lights' at a movie theatre here in town. Nice stuff. Let me know what you think re: dresden dolls. Everyone here is going ape-shit over the artic monkeys, probably worth a listen.

Applied for that passport yet?

Mac said...

Hey!!! What exactly do you mean by that!?!?! Okay, I know.

Fresh Talent-
Dresden Dolls are amazing; the CD, any DVDs are all must-haves!

Amanda Palmer is a Sweet Betty!

I'll try to check out the Artic Monkeys. Thanks for the music lead.