Monday, February 13, 2006

My teeth are chattering (again)

Forgive any typos in this post, please. The heat went off (again!) in the apartment. It's 19 degrees outside, and feels like maybe 25 degrees inside. That, plus the attack of Night Sweats last night, do not make for a Happy Mac this morning.

I shall have left a trail of teeth around the apartment floor, like breadcrumbs along the path of my morning ritual of getting ready, from the combination of being cold and nervous. For today is my first day of that bank job I mentioned getting earlier. The only positive spin of no heat is it got me up in plenty of time to get ready and get there on time. At least the oven works; 300 degrees with the door open takes some of the edge off, but mostly in the small kitchen. I'll have to set up a small fan to heat more of the apartment, Ghetto-style.

My first pay check may go to eBay if I can find an apartment complex-sized heater for sale; I hope it fits in my Little Red Zipper car.

Okay, must go chip the ice off the showerhead.


mike said...

how'd the first day go? Had a good time kickin' back with PBR and the White Dresden Stripe Dolls the other night. We should do it again, sometime.

-m ike

r.d. said...

Dude! What the hell. I(we) hope your first two days were tolerable. Happy Feb 14 to you- I hope this post finds you warm and toasty with a beverage and Lilly close by. Miss you in the basement already...

Mac said...

Also had a great time. Thanks for educating me in the Ways of the Drummer.

R.D.- Thanks, and I am feelig warm and toasty with both Lilly and a beverage near at hand.
Still in the basement with you...well, in spirit. Different building and all. ;-)