Friday, February 24, 2006

Banking on my Liver

So, I apologize to the 6 of you interested readers for slacking and lacking on updates of my oh-so-interesting life [pause for knee-slapping, choking laughter].

This week gave me my first taste of a 55 or so hour week. It doesn't taste good. Actually, it's not that rough, since my now Part-time Retail gig has been slow as Hell this week and last week. Colorado J.B. gives me "two weeks" until I quit the retail job. The gauntlet has hit the floor! I am determined to juggle the double job for at least a month, just to show her up. Besides, I want to see where I stand after my first pay check from The Bank.

So after only 9 days on the job, I've been invited to TWO work parties. The first one, I had to skip because I closed at the other job tonight. The H.R. Director who hired me is moving to (fucking) Florida. The second one is Friday night. In the Accounting Department. In the office. Beer, wine, and pizza.

And I made the "Select Guest List." That's what I'm talking about, baby.

Okay, probably because my boss and boss's boss are throwing the shin-dig.

And I have to pick up bags of ice.

It's being thrown in order to give my boss's boss's boss a send off (keeping up here? hee hee Nicknames to be figured out later) as he's retiring, or got promoted, or quit, or something. Don't ask me, I only met the guy once.

So let's see here: free booze+ new coworkers+ won't have eaten for hours+ Friday with Saturday off= Possible danger given my love for the Barley and Hops.

I predict my tongue shall loosen, my coworkers discover just how weird I am, I drop a bottle on the floor, crash into a door threshold in front of The Bank owner and/or President, and vomit in the breakroom bathroom.

Should be fun.

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Adrian said...

Dude, you are constantly going to parties. Your life is way more interesting than mine. Inbetween clearing up puppy piss and doing half an hour of star jumps with Davina McCall (the UK's answer to Tyra Banks) I have no time to socialise. Have a vagina and coke me.