Thursday, July 07, 2005

To go, or not to go

That's been the Question of the morning.

After the semi-pointlessness feeling I left with the last Group Session, I woke up thinking of skipping this weeks session. M.M. told us last week he is getting transferred to some clinic on the Southsyyyde! soon. I'll get a new Primary person, which could be better, hopefully; maybe I'll connect better with him or her.

I have enough trouble connecting, talking about my depression, nihilistim, suicidal thoughts, and etc with parents, friends, and one Primary face-to-face, much less a room full of strangers (if anyone shows up).

Screw it. I guess I'll go. Kiss another couple of bucks goodbye. I can always do that conversation switch-aroo and get the others to talk about themselves.

May make for some good blogger-fodder, eh?

(and now I'm going to be late)

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