Wednesday, July 13, 2005

I'm tired, my back hurts, and I've had a boring day

All I want to do is go to bed. Like. Right. Now.

But I know I won't be able to sleep; therefore, I'm going to chug a beer and go the The Empty Bottle by myself. If you want to buy me a drink, I'll be the one leaning against the wall, mumbling to himself, and ripping heads off his little Blue-haired Demons. With an Old Style to his lips, natch.

Here's who I'll see (though I'll probably miss all of the first band).

And then Group Therapy with a Hangover tomorrow. YAY!

WED . 7/13/05 ( 9:30pm , $10 buy )
The Spits label: Dirtnap,Nickel & Dime,Slovenly Recordings
Baseball Furies label: Big Neck,Flying Bomb
Detonations label: Alive
Spunky sarcastic punks the SPITS play quick-blurt songs that generally last no longer than one or three minutes, songbursts that are generally disaffectedly and haphazardly thrown together, and most often overtaken by drenching, fuzzed-out reverb. You'd be wrong if you think this isn't good, because the overall effect is actually pretty great, and while their three releases to date - The Spits, The Spits and The Spits - are decidedly short, they are all endlessly entertaining listens. Debauched, spastic punks BASEBALL FURIES have several albums to their credit, and their latest - Big Neck release Let it Be - finds them at the very top of their game, composing endearing, nascent tracks that are notable for their insistent, blue-collar earnestness. New Orleans-based trio DETONATIONS will open. The group have a sound that is entirely their own, stemming from odd tuning structures and a variety of 'manipulations' they've made to their gear. (Some straight up some 'science guy' shit, from the sounds of it.) And, they're apparently riotous live, and have a live show that isn't to be missed.

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