Saturday, July 09, 2005

Drunk and Bored

A bad combination.

A few fingers of Wild Turkey under my belt, and I go and smoke two cigarettes the Lunch Lion gave me the other day. I should have said, "no thank you," but something made me pick them up. I looked at the full pack of Merits 3 times. He said take them, you'll need them.

Foolishly, I took the challenge and failed.

I need to gargle Listermint in my lungs; they tasted like shit.

But the feeling of holding them in my hand...oh God, like getting drunk and kissing an ex-girlfriend: so comfortable, so sensual, so right at the time depending on who left whom. A magical extension of the hand and my lips curled around the end perfectly like I'd never left. If the Lunch Lion had handed me Camel Lights, this story may have had a different ending, but I am still a new non-smoker.

But still bored as Hell.

Hopefully, something fun will occur at this party tomorrow at M.U./C.U.'s apartment.

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