Tuesday, July 05, 2005

Out of the frying pan and into the fire(d)

Today is Transition Day.
The changing of the guards (so to speak).
Today is Boss Frantic's last day as our Store Manager and Evil Fannie's first day as our Store Manager. Let's see how well my hours hold up.

I've a feeling there will be many knowing glances among coworkers, lots of "welcome backs" with while giving her a mental finger, and much re-sizing up of each other. One of the Office Managers (P.) and our Floor Supervisor (who's never met Evil Fannie) keep repeating things like, "people change," "she's learned a lot," and "let's give her a chance," etc. Do people really change that much in that short of a time? Do people change when their actions are probably encouraged through promotions?

Yeah. We'll fucking see.

Needless to say, but I'm bring extra Clonzepam along.

After work, we are invited to Chumps to "celebrate" Evil Fannie's return and "wish fond farewell" to Boss Frantic's departure. I'm just going for face-time and booze. Drink, fake smile, nod. I'm figuring it will turn out like all the other gatherings in the past: Management and office people in one table, while I and the rest of the Indentured Servants huddle at another table. Glaring over pints and bottles.

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