Wednesday, November 16, 2005

NCAA 2004: A look into the sub-conscious?

I just finished season two on NCAA 2005.
The second to last game turned out to be a grueling Rivalry Match: Michigan vs. my The Ohio State University; or, as I like to call them: The Great Red Wall. This win actually satisfies a deep, ingrained part of me. Growing up in Ohio, one is instilled with a healthy hatred for Michigan; and, a couple of my family members are hard-core O.S.U. fans, so this propaganda has flooded my brain since birth. "Goo-goo-ga-ga, Gooo Bucks!"

I won, after a tense and flip-flop type game, 14-10 in the last minute. One more game and it's off to the Bowl Games (currently scheduled for the Sugar Bowl [update, 11/16/05. I won! Grounded Florida like a cigarette under my Doc Martens). And I'm feeling good about the outcome. I rank first in the Big Ten Conference, and am ranked #10 in the NCAA.

Overall, I am ranked either second to last or dead last in Offence, but my Defense is listed #1 in the Big Ten and in the top five NCAA overall. Defensively I am A Great Red Wall.

Does this speak to my real life psyche in some way?

When it comes to Social, Career, and Love Life, I've always ranked low (if not bottomed out) when it comes to Offensive (motivated) Moves. Maybe I am more of a conservative man...nay, a reserved man, I suppose, when it comes to making power plays in most aspects of my life. The type of man to wear a belt as well as suspenders (to use a Robert Benchley quote). My feet knows few leaps or bounds and barely even trudge forward using the tiniest of baby steps.

Rather, in my twisted and skewed thinking and self-reflection, I tend to root in and secure a safety zone. Pile high the emotional and physical(/geographical/structural) sand bags and fight with a reactionary mode from the trenches of my own devising. A good offense is a good defense? Or have I flipped that philosophy? But sand bags leak, and you may know me if you catch a grain or 3.

I need to fling a Hail Mary. At least once before my "season" ends.

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