Friday, November 18, 2005

Even I have my breaking point

If another self-righteous religious married narrow-minded idiot Fem-bot (Gabby Romanian, this time) accuses me or implies I am gay ("not that there's anything wrong with that") soley because I am:
  • White
  • Thin
  • Over 30 and not married with kid(s)
  • Or any combination of the 3

I may have to punch them square in their over/hasty-generalizing, brain-washed-by-religion, xenophobic right-winged mouth!


M said...

I once had someone acuse me of the same thing after I was seen holding hands with a guy at the pride parade. People need to grow up!

Mac said...

I mean, they name ONE drink after you at Spin (Mac's Penis Colonic Coloda), and suddenly you dig men.
WTF, right?

Arsh said...

my thought is, don't wait for them to jump to any conclusion, just PUNCH them square in the jaw before they have the chance...but i might just be feeling a little violent.

sully said...

White, thin, over 30 with no kids?... wow, a lot of people must be gay. But what do I know-

Fresh Talent said...

Don't fret, they are just confusing you with this guy:

Mac said...

Arrrgh, you've outed my secret career!

The VelvetHellvis said...

It goes the other way, too. I'm 37, divorced and have no kids. Not knowing I was married to a man for nine years is one thing. Assuming I don't have kids because I'm gay (or infertile as some have asked) is another. I have a photo of my boyfriend on my desk at work, but because I am tall and plus size they assume I likes the ladies. I don't play softball, wear flannel or anything masculine. I likes me the penis. I commisserate your pain, Mac.

Mitchissmo said...

i agree with everyone.

Mac said...

Velvet-- Yikes! Good to know, in a misery loves company kind of way... :-)
Your boyfriend is probably very happy you "likes" the penis. Ha ha ha ha.

And Mitchissmo-- You are such the diplomatic hottie. I am honored with your visit to My (humble) Cube.