Thursday, November 17, 2005

After midnight, we gonna let it all hang out...

Unlike most normal people who go to the nearest Happy Hour after a mind-numbing work day, I have recently gotten into a new and strange habit.

I come home, do the household duties, check email, cruise my regular websites, and pet the cat, etc. But then around Midnight, I get the urge for a drink (like the one I'm sipping now).


Maybe because the neighborhood is quiet. Maybe because I'm bored. Maybe because my biological/internal clock is goofed-up.

Who knows? At least I never drink alone: I always have Lilly:

Bad Lilly! (B/W)


Barb said...

Now that's a pal. :)

Mac said...

She is a pal!

A whiny, demanding Diva, belligerent drunk, but a warm, cuddly pal.

Barb said...

And that's all that matters.