Wednesday, November 16, 2005

If it works out...

I'll be here (The Empty Bottle on Saturday):

But, of course, when it rains, it pours.

I may be attending a booze-fest that Complex Carrie and Justin invited me to attend.

Flipping a coin as I type (talented muthafuka, no?). I am hopng to drink at both events, but we shall see (double).

Wish me luck, or buy a round at either events!


mike said...

Now THAT should be the official promo poster for the show. Right to the point, no pretty nature pictures, no fancy design! A booze fest sounds better than a snooze fest, but if you do indeed decide on our dronin' boners let me know so you don't have to pay hepman!


sully said...

Am I to assume Lilly was successful in finding your lost identity?

Mac said...

Ha ha.
Yeah, she hide it on my chest of drawers. I think she planned on using my ID to buy 151 proof liquid Cat Nip!

Sneaky kitty.

Mac said...

I wouldn't have call Saturday night a snooze-fest, you modest rock-n-roller!