Sunday, October 30, 2005

Sunday's Juxtaposition

I am bored, restless, and...did I mention bored; therefore, I am chugging Old Style (from a can, yo!) and listening tothis soundtrack. How silly/messed up is that?

The CD came to me in the mail with a bunch of other random/scratched CDs my dad found in the country whilst on a bike ride. Random, no?

So the wind and the smell of autumn calls to mind keggers from the past, and the music is the background of a few nights-gone-dancing that I used to participate in. That's right, I used to dance; but, that characteristic took a slow death around 1993. And no, C.P., I'll not elaborate (ha ha ha).

Nothing to do but head-bob and sip.

Give a call if you're up and up to the babbling that may (or may not) erupt from my mouth.


Barb said...

What's on that soundtrack, anyway?

Fresh Talent said...

Shite, that's what.

Bobbing your head at O'Hooley's. The best of both worlds.

Mac said...

Barb, Fresh Talent is correct: the soundtrack is sort of Shite. Best listened to when under the influence.

Ah, O'Hooley's (during the Fresh Talent DJ Reign, of course!) good times.