Friday, September 02, 2005

Round up

Past, Present, and Future.

Unfortunately, this still generally applies, but what are you gonna do?

I left work early on Wednesday to hit The Ghetto Clinic for a meds re-fill. Waited in the lobby forever, watching the security monitor. A Crackwhore, dressed in red, danced and wiggled for attention on Howard, oblivious to her audience two floors up.

One of The Birchwood/Wolcott Boys said, "Hey, Dawg" to me as I passed on my way back from Dominick's. My Beat-In is scheduled for next week, on the condition that I get a girlfriend to Ride the Train upon my initiation. Any takers?


Official smashed my face on the Glass Ceiling last week when my Plea for Full Time Status got rejected. On a good note, my Store Manager pledged to "fight for you 100%" if I applied for a Corporate position. Unfortunately, someone has to die up at The Big House for a position that I am qualified for to open up. So, I am totally in a Dead End Job. Praise Gordon!

Skipped out on this past Thirsty Thursday at The Lamp Post Tavern. Too broke, too tired. Sorry Jackie.

Arsh and Jewell invited me to The Uptown Lounge for karaoke on Sunday (which was big of them since I completely kicked their asses in bowling the night before (hee hee, just kidding lovelies)), to which I attended against my general ill-feeling toward karaoke. A fun time meeting Arsh's friends and watching the Karaoke MC dude do a pole-dance and the catapiller, singing the whole time (like Flashdance meets this in an orange trucker's hat).
After too many beers and an shouldn't-have-ordered-this Jameson on the Rocks, I did the One-eyed Drive home (apparently buying a pack of Camel Lights somewhere on the way). And paid for my sins Monday until 6 o'clock when drum machine in my head got unplugged. Ahhh.
Then realized I'd missed Cybele's B-day/Sangria party (SOOOOOOORRRY!).

Today, jammin' out to Jimmy Cliff and planning on cutting this Shaggy (of Shaggy and Scooby fame) hair.

Tonight, I'm joining a group of coworkers at Tommy Nevin's for drinks to wish farwell to the Gothic Greek designer. She's fed up and had enough of the Company, as is heading out for parts unknown, unemployed with no job lined up... a braver soul than I.

Let the Guinness flow, for tomorrow we may die!

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