Saturday, January 01, 2005

Happy New Year

I hope everyone had a good time last night, either whispering 2004 a sweet good-bye or howling a rage-filled "Fuck off."

My friend M.B. invited myself and some friends to her parents New Year's Eve Party. They live just outside of Hobart, Indiana in this killer house on maybe an acre of semi-wooded land. Wide open loft-like structure with huge windows looking out across a small creek into a wood. The party took place in the basement: pool table, a TV as big as my apartment, fully stocked bar, banquet table covered in yummy, yummy food (shrimp, beef, chicken, chips, cookies, etc). Nice people, M.B.'s parents friends and M.B.'s family. Her nephews are nice, funny smart little rugrats.

This New Year's Eve will go down in history as THE MOST sober one I've celebrated since I started drinking around age 17. (Holy Barley, 16 years of drinking!) I consumed only 2 Tequila Rapidos, 1 Cement Mixer, 1 Heineken, I glass of Champagne, 1 can of Pepsi, and 1 can of Orange Fanta. Whoo-hoo, I am a party animal! That's cool, hangovers suck hard enough on their own without the addition of waking up at a strangers house (who made a yummy breakfast of French Toast and Sausage Burritos, thanks again M.B.'s parents!).

And I like the way I started 2005: with a walk in a chilly fall woods. It felt right.

Happy New Year.

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