Monday, July 16, 2007

And the cork just fell out

Set up for the night @ The Ho

You shake the champagne bottle slowly, steadily.
You unwind that weird wire cage thing that holds the cork in the top.
You wedge both thumbs between bottle and cork and pryyyyy.

The cork just slips out and falls straight to the floor. No pop, no explosion of bubbly, no spray on the walls and ceiling.

Now what?
That's how I feel a little right now.

I remembered and added a couple more places I've gone, and it boosted me past 300.
That was my goal: 300.
I did it.

Now what?


Carrie said...

Time for a new, different goal. Like tourist spots in Chicago, streets in Chicago, people in Chicago, bands in Chicago, websites, hairstyles, books,...

Uh, something unlame of your choosing...

Mac said...

Until I come up with something else...I'll continue my Pioneer Boozing.
Ha *belch* ha!