Friday, July 13, 2007

Saying "Goodbye" to someone I never knew

There is bumping clomping upon the back stairs. The sound of plastic rubbing sliding against the brick walls.

The HHUN is apparently moving out.

Fare thee well sexy maiden. We never spoken, but I heard you often. Yelling at your dog Simba. Screaming what's up girl into your phone outside my kitchen window. Arguing with Calvin in the street, on the stoop, and into the street again. I heard you pull up in that ginormous yellow Hummer and dreamed of a hummer between ourselves. I watch you move mattresses and lamps to the Uhaul truck parked outside my bedroom window, lustfully viewing your lithe body dressed in workout top and skin-tight white tights. My heart smolders in bittersweet lust and sadness.

We could have been the hottest unhealthy couple on the block, in The Complex.

But you're leaving.

Farewell Sweet HHUN, my Puerto Rican Princess, via con Dios!

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