Wednesday, December 28, 2005

Two Fer Tuesday

Okay, I planned on posting about how on Tuesday, I drank a couple of beers and hit The Ho.

How I met Larry and Marilyn (other bartenders) and "high-fived" some guy named Tim about 333 times in two hours. Listened to country music and watched Tim and Marilyn dance (actually twirl around and sway) while Marilyn spent most of the time pulling Tim's hands off her ass. How talk turned to Behind The Green Door, Linda Lovelace, and Deep Throat. Marilyn likes porn. They used to play porn on the TVs at The Ho during the day.

How I then sauntered up to The Lamp Post Tavern and Jim (the bartender served me a Jameson on the Rocks with a Water back without me ordering it. How I stared longingly at a pixie of a cutie girl for a while. Frank told me she was engaged (of course, am I ever attracted to a single woman?). Smoked a lot of cigarettes and listened to some fat blonde complain to Jim and Frank about how some Dennis dude was "creepy" and "played his shitty music about how he hated his dad over and over."

But I am dead tired. And the heat is off in my apartment for the fifth time in 9 days.

So, I am going to chug a couple of beers, watch Dave Letterman and Conen O'Brien, and huddle under a blanket with Lilly.

Tomorrow I work 9-five, thus completing my roughly 49 hour week.

Then hit a couple of parties, drinking myself into (temporary) Oblivion with friends.

Happy New Year!
Drinks at the Bar!
2006: May you get what you want; not what you deserve. Arrrgh. ;-)

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s.larsson said...

the kitten chocked on a fire cracker last new years.

nah i had a dog who had a thing with leaving half the remains of anything he chewed up at the entrance of our house. one day it just happened to be a cat, god knows where the other half went....

its the same cat like the one including the girl (my sister) with the striped shirt

i need to come up with something new soon

anyways wish you a happy new year!

take care !