Sunday, December 04, 2005

If The Ho won't come to Mac, then Mac goes to The Ho

I had a whole post written in my head about this "adventure," but I allowed a hangover and too much time to pass and lost the momentuem.

Therefore, in a nutshell (with apologies to the ex-pat who wanted to go with me), here it is:

This past Sunday night, after work and a couple of Dirty Martini's with Lilly, I called Complex Carrie to see if they felt like going out for a drink. Due to financial lacking and an acute sense of the "sleepies," they rejected my proposal for intoxicating liquids and Mac-babble.

I and Lilly finished our drinks. I looked at her and she looked at me. And then she walked away to lick herself or something. She also rejected my proposal for heading out into the night. I smoked a cigarette, leaning against the kitchen sink, suffering from a trifecta of Boredom, Restlessness, and Vodka.

The Beast of the City hummed outside my window. I needed to stroke her moonlit black fur.

"Fuck it."

I went to The Ho, that seedy looking bar I've past on the way to The Lamp Post.

Tucked in the middle of no where in north Rogers Park, it sits with a single neon beer sign and a white sign above the door simply stating "The Ho" with a picture of a dog or something. I did a last hit off my Camel Light, flicked it into the alley, took a deeeeep breath and enter the bar.

Dark. Divey. And not bad.

Like I said, too much time has passed to full and properly finish this post. I'll try to post more about the next time (next time?) I hit The Ho.


Fresh Talent said...

Hey, what's this about visiting the Ho without me. You'll have to introduce me to all your new seedy friends when I next come visit.

Glad to see more posts, got a few on the way myself. To answer a few questions...USA drew Scotland 1-1. I dined on turkey and pumpkin pie at an california resturant...You mentioned something about pimping you out. Mission accomplished, your presence is requested by the beautiful bonnie ladies of scotland, more on that when you arrive on holdiay (hint, hint).

Anonymous said...

You went to the HO! No shit!?!? Man, I'm kinda envious. We three Z-boys have only fantasized about the ho but when it gets to brass taxes we wuss out. and shit, you went by yourself! pretty ballsy mac. I wanna here all about it. The swedes will be in town this wed. so I think it's time we take the swedes bowling. you in? maybe fri or sat.


Mac said...

Sorry about jumping the gun on my Ho visit. Was desperate for a beer that night.

Wouldn't those bonnie lasses of Scotland prefer travel to Chicago on Holiday?

Mac said...

Das right, punk! TWICE!
Let me know about the bowling.