Thursday, May 10, 2007

Help me be Hip to Gawking eyes!

My friend and I have entered a bunch of slogans in Gawker's Slogan contest.

It's easy and fun! Yay!
Just scroll through the lot, and vote for the following:

(you would if we were true friends *wink wink cow-eyes*)

Got Guilt?
My Job Sucks....Do You?
Hispanic at the Disco
Jewslamic Christian
Got Funk, Need Noise.
Gawk Out With Your Cawk Out
Gawker Scratches My Itch
I don't stare at YOUR third nipple!
Awesome bin Laden
I came, I Gawked, I came again
I Totally Gawked Your Mom
Jesus Pimped My Ride: It Runs on Water
Jesus Turned Walter into a Wino
Single Cheap Easy
Come on, help a cousin out; I just want to be a small-time cewebrity.


Carrie said...

Hope you win!

I like...
I came, I Gawked, I came again

Hilarious, dirty and not dirty.

Mac said...

Thanks; however, the question is: did you go vote?!?!