Thursday, May 10, 2007

A pile of bar napkins from my pocket

  1. Dude, where's my car? To find the car.
  2. A scrawled, pen drawn picture of a woman in jeans and a black t-shirt leaning against a beer cooler in the corner of an L-shaped bar. Her word bubble says, "ZZZZZZZZ." Titled: Bartenders across the world-- Friday: no rapido.
  3. Just the words: "Fucking Fat balding guy from WI. Life of the party.
  4. Picture of a FAT beetle with six circles and three lines on its back. Text written under doodle of My Cube Profile picture: Beetle or Beatle. Who is the blessor of LIfe?
  5. Dave the bouncer says, "you gotta loosen up!!"
  6. 12:00 a.m. At G's, slow. Right off the bat some dude as for a smoke...moochers...ask if mi gusta Mexican women." Points to Isabella. "Si, elle es muy bonita." Now pointing making a scene with harsh-looking one, pointing to Isabella....What fresh Hell is this?
  7. Bill. No plans. ambassador East.
  8. Laura. 637. Rosemont. 62. N. Pratt. Goth/pogo.
  9. 2 Guys. Check paper clips. Take "deal"????
  10. Carolyn Grace. 847-XXX-XXXX [numbers smudged]
  11. Gallagher's. 11/06. 12:00 leave home. Find funky wooden bookends by dumpster. Buy smokes at mobile station. Nod to guy. Dead. Ask Bianney, "No Tina?" Tina dancing in the back she tells me by doing that Central/South American point-with-the-lips-only thing. Only Raul in cowboy hat and two other guys in bar. Warm bar. Happy in sad way atmosphere. Ranchero polka-like. Everything looks smells like the description of a Kerouac Mexico bar. Sad/slow. Gus sits unresponsive by the door. The bar girl I thought was hitting on me the first time I came here is dancing and playing pool. There is something in the air tonight--Full Moon? Alexandra slips in and out of consciousness. The Bathroom smells like The Union on a bad night on Saturday. Tina flashes me a you're-a-regular smile, bums lighter w/o asking, then holds it up with an "okay?" look on her face. Sure. No Isabella tonight, but Alexandra is here--cute, short, sprightly-type. Bar girls are bored. No business. Tanya and Bianney dance together behind the bar, giggling. Alexandra dances with Gus. AND THEN MY FUCKING CAMERA GOT STOLEN.
  12. Little Star--Thursday
  13. There's an old wet grey blanket wrapped around my heart. not dead at 35: now what? Where is Old Man? Lost? Dying? Dead? Find him before too late.
  14. Bar on Howard? [E.P.D.] After movie at Donn's. Charlie. May 19th. No $ to bartender. 3 free beers.
  15. The Ho. 7318 N. Rogers. Cheap beer.
  16. Cantinero el Tri.
  17. Fireside at 4:00. Tommy Sohn: Charles Bukowski.
  18. You probably won't remember me--white boy in Latin bar, but let me know if you want to go out-- [email address]. And then she, the Northwestern U. girl 19, threw up on herself and left with her brother-in-law.
  19. Andrea's friend, Sandy [her email address]
  20. "El Tri" Las piedras rodando se encuentan...the rock rolling found.
  21. Friday Martinez--- 773-XXX-XXXX.
  22. Sergio///call for drinking...just say ur from school...773-XXX-XXXX.
  23. I you buy all drinks semana time.
  24. Kelly S______. 773-XXX-XXXX
  25. Back pack Be not consumed by consumables.
  26. Brooze--what you get when you fall down drunk. Complex Carrie
  27. Use the Chaos you've been given.
  28. Tired of people saying I'm too nice. Not enough nice in the world. FUCK THEM!!!
  29. You shouldn't be here.

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