Monday, September 27, 2004


Another Monday, another day underemployed and underpaid at a company that is all "we're a family, we're committed to you" unless you work for my boss...F...that evil, backstabbing, thieving, self-serving, two-faced, pear-shaped, bitter, barren, sorority-girl giggling, and 35 other adjectives I am either too tired or too angry to think up right now (more later I am sure)...asshole.

The company in general is probably fine, more people I've met are pretty cool, my co-workers and others; but this manager and the assistant store manager who (THANK GOD) got promoted out of our store are just insensitive, patronizing, and, luckily, see through in there intents and lies. You may not be able to do anything about it (like the time I asked her why none of my Overtime was showing up on my checks), but it is at least nice to now when she's lying to you.

(the O.T. wasn't showing up because she erased it from our time card worksheets before faxing them to Corporate...Bitch) And, of course, I chose the wrong battle. I took issue up with HR/Audit, got my O.T. paid in retro, and a few months later found myself demoted.

Needless to say: I am disgruntled and looking for a new job. Email me with opportunities!

Shit! Gonna be late for work. Later.

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