Tuesday, February 05, 2008

The Waiting Game

I'm bored, and my eyes are bugging out.
"What," you may ask, "the hell are you doing? Drunk and insomnia?"

No, I've decided to stay up all night.

"Know thyself" it is written, and I do.
I know if I fell asleep at my normal time I would pull a total coma through the blaring alarms (yes, alarms, there are 3 set for every morning), and miss my cab, miss my flight and put my travel plans into complete disarray!

The last few hours trickle by filled with:

  • Padding through the apartment (tsch tsch should have cleaned more)
  • Petting Little Lilly (who is already breaking my heart at the thought of not being around her *sob*)
  • Drinking a pot of coffee
  • Worrying over the fact I only have one Camel Light remaining; considering walking to the twenty-four hour gas station up the street, but changing mind as I not in the mood to deal with the Cabbie/ Crack ho clientel there at this hour.
  • Staring, walking away, coming back and staring longer at my suitcase. Do I have everything?
  • Listening to classical music on the radio because I've learned over the past years classical music seems to stimulate something in my mind that keeps me awake (awake, not necessarily coherent).
  • Fiddling with and putting away or rearranging various knick-knacks and papers laying around the apartment.
  • Considering taking the rest of the garbage out (pfft, that's not going to happen).
  • Wasting time making lame comments here and, of course, here.
  • F.W.B? No, too late.
  • Blowing my nose, it's so dry in here.
  • Staring out the kitchen window at the empty street, slush, and fog.
  • Plucking dead leaves from my straggly, scrawny tomato plant. It did flower once. Um, one tiny yellow flower. I want a baby tomato, dammnit!
  • Zone-out on the various clocks throughout the apartment.
  • Let the Blogger "New Post" screen burn itself into my retinas, flaring my rods and cones, for minutes at a time without typing. My Cube somehow turned into My Blank Shit. Guest bloggers may be needed. HA!
  • Scroll through this.
  • Pour another coffee.
  • Look at last, lonely cigarette on microwave, "Resist, resist, man!"
  • Try to think of a paid online job to do during my full-time Bank job since I have such the large amount of down time there. And really, doesn't I Have 3 Jobs ring well with My Cube Has 3 Sides?
  • *sigh*
  • I want chocolate.

Okay, I'm boring myself.

See you all later!

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