Monday, November 12, 2007

Free show, cheap beer: Tonight!

Apologies for the silence hanging in The Cube lately; there just hasn't been much going on.

True, I went to Court (fucking twice) against that scumbag (K. Hester: trannie, cracked up hooker, robber, and check forger) who mugged me a couple of months ago. Each time the piece of shit got a continuance (unemployed, no lawyer). At least I don't have to show up a third time, I've been excused.

Other than that, just endless nights going out alone. To the point where it's not even fun, but dammit, you sit for 40 hours in The Gopher Hole with a boring coworker, you get a little edge for some sort of conversation or, at the very least, Eye-Candy. Just a rut full of hangovers and drunkenness, smoke-filled lungs and small talk with strangers and bartenders. This past Saturday night, while sinking into a Beer Blotto, I realized I couldn't remember the last time I say some of my friends.

Not a happy realization, but reality.

Luckily, they are playing a free show tonight at The Empty Bottle!

Zelienople Show (My fake flyer)

9:30 Speck Mountain
10:30 Morning Recordings
11:30 Zelienople

So, like, maybe I'll see you there.


Anonymous said...

The good Doctor says you should save some money, get a 6 month tourism visa and stay with us for a while. She says your are only allowed to do this if you promise not to drone out with your bone out.

Mac said...

The good Doctor is high on her own supply (yes, I know she doesn't deal with meds, but you gotta allude to N.W.A. once in a while!)!

Unlike you, we among the American Poors can barely afford gasoline or save for a home of own's own much less run around Edinburgh with a pint glass glued to our mouths (Duechers! Caladonia! etc)...damn your stinking Pounds and Euros!

But thanks for the invite; when I do make it over there, my bone shall (sadly) remain tucked away and unused *sniff sniff*

Soon, Fresh, soon.