Tuesday, September 18, 2007

At least I only got mugged...

Some poor guy just got shot in the street, across from bedroom window. And, once again, I thought the shots were M-80s. Two rang out in rapid succession, followed by around five to seven in a slower, steadier pace.


A couple of days after this, I ran into the HHUN (who moved) at The Bank; she said she knew this guy. He got hit in the neck, and is now paralyzed from the neck/top of the chest down.

Jesus! Seriously; at least I only got mugged!!!

The Victim

Two detectives in black bullet-proof vests and jeans found two guns in an alley 3 houses west of the shooting. At least, those won't fall into another asshole's hands or be found by some little kid. I don't know if they had any real leads, but it felt like a lot of people called right after it happened; four police cars showed up just at the moment 911 answered my call. No matter what people say, the police have always arrived quickly the 3 or four times I've called them about something.

Squad car

The silver (albeit oh-so-shallow of me)-lining is: I met another Hottie Hispanic woman (HHUN #2) from the next building over as my neighbors and I gawked the scene.

Yo! (Former) Complex Carrie! You know Rachael S.?????

Okay, people, take care, and keep for heads down!


fresh said...

Dude, how am I ever going to convince the good doctor about the up sides to Chicago with all this going on. We got to stop the violence (outside Dave's apt).

Think of Earl.

Meanwhile, I'm crossing the street in Glasgow two weeks back, and step out into the street just as light is changing. My bad, but a 3 second wait and i'm by this guy in a blue mercades.

Nope, he's not happy. Lots of yelling by him, lots of Fuck you's by me. So dude finds the only parking spot available in centre city glasgow at 11am... six feet away.

Mind you, i'm going to get coffee, which means i havent had any yet. Hence the red mist on my part. He must have had decaf, cause he gets out of car, i walk right at him. Guy's about 40, but shaved head, hard, john smeaton is his brother Glasgow type.

He fake headbutts me, i give him a shove and walk off, alternately waving him towards me, yelling fuck you, and walking away.

Not as horrible as your experience, i know, but damn close to disaster. What the hell was i thinking?

Moral of my story? Look both ways before crossing the street.

I did buy some cigs to go with that coffee...

Mac said...

I think you deserve a cig after that! Glad you didn't have to kill the guy (cause I know that's how you roll LOL).
Just tell The Doctor, these past events are rare occurances, they really are.
And the smoking ban in Chicago takes effect in Jan. 1st, 2008..that'll make it more appealing here for her, no?
Take care!