Friday, January 05, 2007

Your Saturday Plans are here:

My friend Mike's side project Good Stuff House will be playing this Saturday night (the 6th) at Las Manos Gallery in Andersonville.
For this show Scott Tuma will be playing pump organ, Matt will be on guitar and Mike'll be on "invented" instruments (WTF?).

In visual addition, his kick-ass photography is also on display (part of a group nocturnal urban landscapes show).

[Update: 9:44 p.m.-- Mike and his friend NY Don are making a movie right now that will be shown in backdrop during the set. The excitement mounts and mounts!]

8 p.m.
Las Manos Gallery
5220 N. Clark Street (1/2 block north of Foster)

8pm Number None
9pm Good Stuff House

Come overwhelm your senses, or hangout before you go to Simon's (#210) and buy us a beer!

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