Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Oh, for the Love of Money!

So, you may be asking yourself, "where the hell has Mac been?"

I know a great amount of time has passed with little to no updates. Sorry 'bout that. Since working at The Bank, my thinking about money has changed... a bit.

In the past, and really still, the focus is on how to make it paycheck to paycheck. Still holds true, but not as "by the skin of our teeth" close. Then, when you add-in being surrounded by coworkers in charge of million dollar Trust accounts and commercial loans, the scattered chatter about interest rates, an upcoming eligibility for a 401(k), and the rash of marriages and babies popping up around me and amongst my friends, I start to think about getting to that next step in my life. I'd like to have a place of my own, something to horribly decorate to my taste. Maybe even share it with someone I love.

But that fantasy looks just like that: a fantasy.

So, what have I been up to? Sinking into and tweaking this software. Freaking addictive, and an eye-opener. Sadly, it looks as though I'll run completely out of money in the year 2045 (would you stingy bastards click that Paypal button on the right already!); though I think that's because I didn't know how to convert some stocks into the program, or upcoming raises, and 13 other things.

But the eventual fall into total bankruptcy doesn't stop me from blowing hard-earned cash on these two (FUN) time-wasters: Guild Wars Factions and Battlefield 1942: The Complete Collection.

That's right.

I may be a 35 year old doofus, wearing a tie, and working two jobs, but somewhere deep down inside there is still lives the boy who dreams of slaying dragons, rescuing fair-(mocha)-skinned maidens and boffing bar wenches (they are never at The Ho). Or blowing things up and securing the beach with a machine gun. (If you're on Factions online, let me know, I may start up a Guild; just look for The Lords of the Two Six Um, that's a hint, dude).

So whattayagonnado?


motodd said...

P.A.B. !!!! We really need to communicate more. I own a copy of vanilla Guild Wars. So now I gotta go out and buy Factions huh?

Mac said...

For once, the Squire has trumped the Knight.
Come, join the fight with Mac Black Heart and The Lords of The 26 Guild!